Make Your Room Lively With A Poster Bed

The poster bed has often been called ?the bed of kings and the king of beds?. For a long period of time, the four post bed has been seen as a regal bed. This bed brings with it an instant old world style and charm to a bedroom. It is also considered as a symbol of wealth, royalty, and a charming d?cor. These beds also boast of a long history.

In the 11th Century, beds were little more than wood planks surrounded by curtains with pillows and quilts. Earlier it was only meant for the wealthy people. The people who were not part of the clergy or royalty, they all slept on the floor. The designs of these beds have seen a drastic change in the 1400s.

Four post standing beds were introduced in England. They are enormous in size measuring eleven feet square. These beds were also ornately detailed and intricately carved to give an overall unique look. Many of the smaller and less decorative ones were also famous, but the royals preferred to sleep on the larger size beds.

When the conditions of the middle class improved, their choices for sleeping also improved tremendously. Later, poster beds became quite common and people started having two to three in their homes. They were far less elaborate when the common man started using them. They were also very functional for the home. It is believed that the four posts supported the ceiling, which was often low and heavy.

Today, a a href=”” four poster bed /a usually reminds us of a beautiful bed & breakfast or a romantic honeymoon getaway. So, add a poster bed to your bedroom and just relax. If you are planning to buy this bed, you are surely bringing class and style to your bedroom. If you don’t know how to design it, you can follow these simple suggestions-
– Decide on the theme
You firstly need to decide what type of theme you want your bed design to have. There are numerous options to choose from. It is possible that you either get a modern bed with simple lines and structure. Or you can also go for a Gothic style of bed.
– Design the overall dimension

Start with the dimensions of the bed frame first. After that, it becomes possible to design the height of these boards. In the end, determine the dimensions of your four- posters. For this you will be required to know the width, height and the depth of the bed.
– Plan a design

Choose a design for your posters. It can either be carved or flat, whatever suits your needs.
– Colour scheme planning

it is considered as the most important part. It is possible that you choose the colour of your bed depending upon the colour of your room.
So add a dramatic effect to your room today with these beds. Experts believe that it is a good idea to get a poster bed for your home. It will surely enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

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