Fabric Shower Curtains

There was a time when fabric shower curtains went the way of the dinosaur and glass shower doors were all the rage. Like most fads however, evolution took charge and the fashions of yesteryear have come back around full circle. You?ll now find that fabric shower curtains are all the rage once again and are readily available at most stores for you to buy.

However don?t throw out your old glass doors just yet either. The convenience and sophisticated look of the glass doors seem to be firmly entrenched in some quarters. True blue die-hards of the glass doors will swear by these and will even sometimes be ready to lay down their life for them ? almost.

Whereas you?ll find that with fabric shower curtains the people are more laid back and will smile most mysteriously when asked about their preferences. Naturally they?ll stick by their fabric shower curtains but they also see the advantages in the glass doors as well. No dripping from the bottom of the curtain as you take a shower, no constantly damp curtain layers that need to be separated out each morning to dry and air out. And best of all is the easy cleaning afforded by the glass doors.

However as the fans of fabric shower curtains will also tell you, glass doors have their downsides as well. The biggest being that if you let the cleaning of the doors go for even one week, stains will begin to form along the sides where they?re fixed to the wall, some of which prove to have a stronger will than you do. And without a good regular wipe-down of the doors your otherwise nice clean bathroom will begin to look grungy.

The reason though why fabric shower curtains are an all time favorite of many people in the know, is for one reason and one reason only. This is also what leads these people to have a contented smile on their faces even after they?ve just spent the last half hour cleaning their bathroom. Fabric shower curtains are disposable.

Yes, that?s the one whopping big reason why fabric shower curtains continue to be a firm favorite of a lot of people. Have you ever tried replacing your glass doors on a regular basis? It just won?t happen and it?s doubtful if it will ever happen within a span of five years. Unless that is you take a very large sledgehammer to it ?by accident?.

So now you know the reason behind that mysterious smile and why fabric shower curtains never really went out of fashion. Convenience, convenience and more convenience. So if you?re thinking of changing from your glass shower doors to the more convenient fabric shower curtains don?t be put off by the initial job that awaits you. Once you remove those doors, your life is bound to become simpler, and if it?s not, just exchange one set of curtains for another. If nothing else it?ll make you feel more cheerful!

Amish Baby High Chairs: The Next Family Heirloom

From generation to generation, families from all over hand down quality, heirloom furniture.? From bedroom suites to dining tables and more, any piece of furniture can become an heirloom.? Now, the next family heirloom in your family can be one of the gorgeous Amish baby high chairs that are available.?

Finding baby furniture today that is made to last through more than child is extremely difficult.? Typically, by the time the baby outgrows that certain piece of furniture, there�s nothing left or if there is, it�s not safe enough for the next; however, Amish craftsmen have constructed one particular piece of baby furniture that will last for generations to come and that is their Amish baby high chairs.

Constructed from wood, these high chairs are made to last.? They are designed and constructed to take the abuse that any toddler can give it.? These Amish baby high chairs will last through your first child, the second, and how many more little ones you plan to have.? Let�s not forget that with the proper storage, these chairs will still be around when your babies begin to have babies.?? So, now you can see how these quality high chairs will become your next family heirloom.

Don�t go to your local chain store and purchase a plastic high chair that won�t stand up to the test of time, not to mention how �ugly� they look in your home because they are definitely not designed to match any of your other d?cor.? Instead, choose from one of the Amish high chairs that are designed to last, that are designed to match the rest of the d?cor in your home, and more.? Plus, you have the option of choosing the species of wood that it is made from and the finishing technique that is used on it, making this family heirloom as unique as the baby who will be using it.

Wow, That House Looks Great! …really?

Quite frankly, there are few homes that really have a wow factor. You might be surprised to learn that larger homes, such as “McMansions” or “Mega Millions Estates” don’t always feature the best designs. Great design also exists in average and small size homes and apartments. Let me explain.

What makes great design is what I call “complete design,” which is comprised of good function, correct interior design for the style of the home, and proper scale/dimension of furnishings.

If you watch “MTV Cribs,” you’ve probably thought, “Oh, how ghastly! Why did they do that to that poor English chandelier in the master bedroom looks hideous!” You recognize when something doesn’t look right.

But getting it right takes energy, experience and a good understanding of how to achieve “complete design.” Alas, that is the hard part.

I recently saw an “MTV Cribs” episode that featured a 9000 square foot home with a Georgian facade that had a little mix of Tudor thrown in for good measure and wonderful full landscaping that looked just right for the home.

But when the front door was opened to this larger fairy tale ended.

The interior had furnishings that were not only too modern but bad modern as well. Ladies, you don’t wear an evening dress for an elegant evening out and then throw on a pair of sneakers! It just doesn’t work. It’s the same with interior design. A house tells a story from the moment you see it. Large lacquer wall units, with modern area rugs and ?shiny? wouldn’t win this house any design awards.

“Complete design” is when you do everything correctly. It means that you complete a story from start to finish with a good understanding of your surroundings. If you like modern, then make sure that the architecture of the home and your furnishings reflect your taste. It’s not an easy process, but it’s worth spending the time and energy to get it right.

Choosing Window Blinds Or Vertical Blinds In Tall Buildings

Vertical blinds are at home in tall buildings, apartment buildings, older homes, and designer homes. These window blinds are best for windows that are wider than tall, but they also are a good fit for windows that are very tall. Vertical blinds also can add height to a window space.

Wide windows are difficult to dress with regular roller shades because when you get beyond a certain width, about 72 inches, you need to add a seam, support, or multiple shades to cover the width and avoid sagging. By using vertical blinds on those same wide windows, any sagging problem is eliminated, and the window will have added height from the window blinds extending above the window frame. Vertical blinds on windows are drawn to one side, and if mounted outside the frame, they allow full window visibility, and allow a complete view out the entire window. They are best for window walls, allowing the opening to be used.

Tall windows can be difficult to put regular window blinds in, because of the height and amount of slats that would be rolled up or down. Much better and easier to use are the vertical blinds. These blinds can add some width to the window frame if mounted outside, and the blind vanes would be drawn to one side. Vertical blinds provide the best privacy and light control on large or tall windows also.

In tall buildings, many architectural styles use huge windows, even walls that are glass. Vertical blinds are really the only proper solution when selecting window blinds, and with their straight lines add more features to what could be plain architecture. One problem may be the length of vanes, and there can be some side buckling on extra long vanes when lightweight materials are used, like vinyl. This can be overcome by using heavier materials, and fabric coverings. For extra long situations, fabric covered vertical blinds are best because they have more give and would not buckle.

Any time you have extra wide, or extra long vertical blinds, you are dealing with more size and more weight. Motorization is an answer to those potential problems. Mechanisms work easily and they operate smoothly. All motorization and pull systems and hanging parts are hidden behind a matching top head rail valance. With non-motorized vertical blinds, the operation of opening and closing and adjustments is done with a small wand hung to one side of the head rail.

Window blinds are wonderful for controlling light. By adjusting the angle of the vanes, you can allow full daylight into the room, close it off completely, or stop somewhere in between. You can bounce the lighting off nearby walls for a little multiplication of light in the room. For privacy, many of the adjustments provide plenty of privacy, and you do not have to have the blinds totally closed. Vertical blinds work better with side opening windows, and heavier blinds are less likely to blow around in the wind.

For darkening a room, the vertical blinds are good because they allow less light in between slats, or vanes, and it does not reflect off ceilings or floor coverings. This type of blind is good for room darkening, and will help insulate a room. If you have fabric covered blinds, they are the best at insulating, and wood blinds are also very dense and provide similar insulation effects when closed.

Vertical blinds are easy to clean, and do not collect dust like horizontal blinds would catch. Used in tall buildings, they take less time to keep dust free and clean. Overall, vertical blinds are at home in tall buildings, and anywhere window size or dimensions might be an issue.

Make Your Room Lively With A Poster Bed

The poster bed has often been called ?the bed of kings and the king of beds?. For a long period of time, the four post bed has been seen as a regal bed. This bed brings with it an instant old world style and charm to a bedroom. It is also considered as a symbol of wealth, royalty, and a charming d?cor. These beds also boast of a long history.

In the 11th Century, beds were little more than wood planks surrounded by curtains with pillows and quilts. Earlier it was only meant for the wealthy people. The people who were not part of the clergy or royalty, they all slept on the floor. The designs of these beds have seen a drastic change in the 1400s.

Four post standing beds were introduced in England. They are enormous in size measuring eleven feet square. These beds were also ornately detailed and intricately carved to give an overall unique look. Many of the smaller and less decorative ones were also famous, but the royals preferred to sleep on the larger size beds.

When the conditions of the middle class improved, their choices for sleeping also improved tremendously. Later, poster beds became quite common and people started having two to three in their homes. They were far less elaborate when the common man started using them. They were also very functional for the home. It is believed that the four posts supported the ceiling, which was often low and heavy.

Today, a a href=”” four poster bed /a usually reminds us of a beautiful bed & breakfast or a romantic honeymoon getaway. So, add a poster bed to your bedroom and just relax. If you are planning to buy this bed, you are surely bringing class and style to your bedroom. If you don’t know how to design it, you can follow these simple suggestions-
– Decide on the theme
You firstly need to decide what type of theme you want your bed design to have. There are numerous options to choose from. It is possible that you either get a modern bed with simple lines and structure. Or you can also go for a Gothic style of bed.
– Design the overall dimension

Start with the dimensions of the bed frame first. After that, it becomes possible to design the height of these boards. In the end, determine the dimensions of your four- posters. For this you will be required to know the width, height and the depth of the bed.
– Plan a design

Choose a design for your posters. It can either be carved or flat, whatever suits your needs.
– Colour scheme planning

it is considered as the most important part. It is possible that you choose the colour of your bed depending upon the colour of your room.
So add a dramatic effect to your room today with these beds. Experts believe that it is a good idea to get a poster bed for your home. It will surely enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Christmas Lights – Essential Decorative Items

The month of December is quite special, as this month has a popular festival in the calendar. You guessed it right; we are talking about none other than Christmas. It is a festival that is one of its kinds and celebrated across the globe. Christmas lights play an important role in this festival, providing twinkling effect to any place, where it is installed. These lights can be tiny LED light or bulb corm. These can be placed at different locations to provide a twinkling effect to the place. This festival of faith is not complete until you have a Christmas tree there at your home. This tree can be ornamented with different decorative items to provide it a different look. You can place candies, chocolates, illuminated bulbs and different other structures to provide it amazing appearance.

These decorative items can be shopped from Christmas decorations wholesale shops. One of the greatest benefits of purchasing these items from such a store is that you can buy the items at affordable prices. Moreover, you can get diverse options of such items. For shopping requirements, you either can go to any market place store or can purchase the items online. Many companies are there, which provide online shopping facility to customers. A customer is just required to visit the online store of any company, look upon the options available, and buy one that is required and is under the budget. You can get different options by visiting diverse stores at a single time. This medium reduces your effort of going to any market or store. With this option, you are free to choose the product you like with just a click on the mouse. Moreover, the product bought from the store can easily be received by home delivery.

Various corporate ventures are there, which provide Christmas decorations for companies. Professionals who are expert in decorating any venue are employed for such services. Commercial establishments like hotels, restaurants, and malls generally take these services. It is taken so that the appearance of any place can be changed as per the festive mood by using different decorative items. You must have seen such beautifications at the time of Christmas. Different places are ornamented with beautiful items when this festival is round the corner. Moreover, if you are a business professionals looking for getting such services, online contact can be established with any company providing such services. You can talk to professionals to get ideas on the same.

Decorating Your Home With Impressionist Paintings

A little bit of art in every home is a good thing. Art, especially impressionist paintings, can serve as the color and texture of your home, creating a beautiful as well as inviting and interesting place for your guests as well as you and your family. There are some well known impressionists as well as not so well known for you to choose paintings or prints from. In fact, even if you are new to collecting impressionistic paintings you will find that many of the names are familiar to you.

There are a lot of really beautiful works out there and when you start shopping for paintings you may be blown away by all of the great options. You may look at the prices and be shocked by just how much some of these paintings can run, especially the older, more well known pieces. If you really want a great looking painting that will beautify your home as well as impress your friends, you should look at some Van Gogh paintings. There are plenty of them to choose from, each one as interesting as the last.

Van Gogh not your thing? For most art collectors you either really like or dislike Van Gogh and there isn’t much in between. If Van Gogh isn’t your there are still a lot of other artists for you to shop from such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissaro, Alfred Sisley, Frederic Bazille, and of course you will always find some beautiful Picasso paintings.

When you are buying art you need to be careful that you are getting what you paid for. In the art world you always have to be weary of something that seems like a good deal. You need to check for authenticity and certifications every step of the way. There are a lot of really good replicas out there. Of course, if you know you are buying a replica there is nothing wrong with that, but if you are being told that you are buying an authentic you need to check into it and be sure that you are buying what you are paying for.

Where can you find the paintings of impressionists? You may be able to visit museums, but generally they are not in the business of selling their pieces. Instead, you should get in touch with an experienced art dealer that can help you find the specific paintings that you are looking for or who can help you find paintings from artists that you know that you like. Getting a professional to work with you can prove to be very helpful as they can help you locate the paintings of your choice as well as determine their authenticity!

Roller Window Shades ? A Fine And Easy Solution To Very Loud Apartments

If you live in a noisy apartment, there is hope! Try a new installation of window shades. These great window shades can help reduce the level of outside noise coming into your don?t have to worry about having to redecorate your apartment. You can find window shades in any color and in any type of fabric. There are roller shades that are made of bamboo, some that come in a great thick burlap fabric. They will be able to cut the decibel level down once they are of the great things about roller shades is the fact that they roll up. You don?t have to worry about the slats of window shades becoming tangled or even breaking off. These roller shades roll easily up and down very easily. They will also help to keep the outside light from coming into the room. This is especially good for someone that may work during the night and sleep during the roller shades can be found at most of the major department stores and depending upon your apartment window size, you can usually purchase the roller shades once you choose the color or fabric that you like. If you have a large apartment window, or you simply want the window shades to fit correctly, you may have to custom order the roller won?t have to worry about outdoor noises coming into your apartment if you install roller shades. They will help to reduce any incoming noise. You will be amazed at how much noise they seal out from outdoors. Of course, you should make sure that you choose a thicker type of fabric other than a cotton or twill, as these fabrics will not help to reduce the noise level of your the many different types of fabric available, you will be able to find the exact match for your apartment decor. In fact, you will love the roller shades so much, that you will want to put them on all of the windows of your apartment.Remember, as mentioned earlier, you won?t have to worry about those nasty, dusty slats that break and get tied up, leaving you with lop-sided window shades. The roller shades roll up easily and look great. You can use your upholstery tool on your vacuum to make sure they don?t get can also additional window treatments to your roller shades to further increase the noise blocking effect of your window shades. Curtains and drapes effectively trap heat and block noise, besides adding further to the beauty of your installed roller shades.Another important tip in choosing your roller shades that will help keep your home quiet is besides considering the material of the roller shades, you could go a step further and order your roller shades to include a layer of black-out fabric, which, along with blocking light, will help further to block unwanted noise in your finally purchasing your new roller shades, there are ultimately many styles, as well as features, for you to choose from. A quick Internet search or going to your local store that stocks blinds will more than likely provide all the help you need to should be very happy with your new roller shades, no matter what color or material you choose. Especially when you realize that you don?t hear that annoying little dog in the building across the way or those horns honking from the will have the perfect window dressing that not only looks lovely, but also gives you the quiet that you want in your apartment.