Wow, That House Looks Great! …really?

Quite frankly, there are few homes that really have a wow factor. You might be surprised to learn that larger homes, such as “McMansions” or “Mega Millions Estates” don’t always feature the best designs. Great design also exists in average and small size homes and apartments. Let me explain.

What makes great design is what I call “complete design,” which is comprised of good function, correct interior design for the style of the home, and proper scale/dimension of furnishings.

If you watch “MTV Cribs,” you’ve probably thought, “Oh, how ghastly! Why did they do that to that poor English chandelier in the master bedroom looks hideous!” You recognize when something doesn’t look right.

But getting it right takes energy, experience and a good understanding of how to achieve “complete design.” Alas, that is the hard part.

I recently saw an “MTV Cribs” episode that featured a 9000 square foot home with a Georgian facade that had a little mix of Tudor thrown in for good measure and wonderful full landscaping that looked just right for the home.

But when the front door was opened to this larger fairy tale ended.

The interior had furnishings that were not only too modern but bad modern as well. Ladies, you don’t wear an evening dress for an elegant evening out and then throw on a pair of sneakers! It just doesn’t work. It’s the same with interior design. A house tells a story from the moment you see it. Large lacquer wall units, with modern area rugs and ?shiny? wouldn’t win this house any design awards.

“Complete design” is when you do everything correctly. It means that you complete a story from start to finish with a good understanding of your surroundings. If you like modern, then make sure that the architecture of the home and your furnishings reflect your taste. It’s not an easy process, but it’s worth spending the time and energy to get it right.