Stylish Trends And Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen And Bath

Adding some style to a kitchen or bath can be as effortless as swapping the cabinet knobs or as complex as gutting the whole room and starting from scratch.

Millions of Americans are starting renovation projects, and while there is no shortage of ways to dress up a bathroom or kitchen, sometimes even the best interior designers could use a few tips. This summer, try some of these simple suggestions from real do-it-yourselfers, and jazz up your kitchen and bath in no time. For more tips, be sure to visit .

* One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make over a bathroom or kitchen is to install new faucets. With nearly limitless metal, finish, style and function options available, a room can be transformed in only minutes with the simple change of a faucet.

* When making an update to a bathroom or kitchen, think about coordination. For example, try matching a new bathroom accessory like a bamboo floor mat with other warm, textured accessories like rattan chairs and baskets for towels and bath items to continue a room�s theme.

* Good style doesn�t have to come at the expense of premium space. Be stylish and increase shelf space at the same time by using chic, multi-tiered glass shelves or double towel racks. Wall mounts, which can include vases, candleholders and mirrors, are another multi-functional option.

* There�s no need for expensive art to decorate the walls. Try framing memorable items collected through the years like children�s art or menus from restaurants visited on vacations.

* Wine racks are good for more than just storing old Merlot. For an excellent and chic way to accessorize the bathroom, find a rack made to hold 8 to 10 bottles, spray paint it your favorite color and fill it with rolled hand towels and washcloths.

* Turn a boring, plain bathroom mirror into a work of art by adding picture-frame molding to the mirror�s edges. Or for an even more affordable variation, use moldings from the craft store and paint, stain or decorate it with buttons, ribbons, shells, flowers, crayons or pretty much anything you like.

What are your style ideas?

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