Invitation To Visit

Tykiwa Specialty Items would like to invite you to visit our online store. We have a wonderfully dynamic selection, perfect gifts for every occasion and interest.

For those of you who are gifted with your hands, or knows someone who is, we have a very nice selection of tools. We have an emergency travel tool set, for those who like to venture out; and, a garden tool set for those who are handy at home.

We have toys and games for the kids, from chess sets to racing sets. We have books and puzzles that stimulate both the mind and imagination. Jumbo coloring books, that are designed for girls and boys, are available. Our products are designed to be both educational and fun.

If you have a pet, perhaps you would like to peruse our inventory of pet products. Available in this department are chew toys, food bowls, and carrier bags. Specifically delightful is the pet bed; it is a comfort to your pet and an aesthetic accent to your home.

We also have gifts for those special occasions, from Christmas to Valentines Day. You are sure to find that special something for that special someone.

Pamper yourself, or that special someone in your life, with our bath products. Tykiwa Specialty Items is sure that you will find our bath products especially delightful.

If you are having trouble making a gift selection, perhaps you would like to purchase a gift card. Gift cards are available in increments of ten, twenty-five, and fifty dollars. No matter the age or interest, we have the perfect gift.

A special thanks from Tykiwa Specialty Items.