Fabric Shower Curtains

There was a time when fabric shower curtains went the way of the dinosaur and glass shower doors were all the rage. Like most fads however, evolution took charge and the fashions of yesteryear have come back around full circle. You?ll now find that fabric shower curtains are all the rage once again and are readily available at most stores for you to buy.

However don?t throw out your old glass doors just yet either. The convenience and sophisticated look of the glass doors seem to be firmly entrenched in some quarters. True blue die-hards of the glass doors will swear by these and will even sometimes be ready to lay down their life for them ? almost.

Whereas you?ll find that with fabric shower curtains the people are more laid back and will smile most mysteriously when asked about their preferences. Naturally they?ll stick by their fabric shower curtains but they also see the advantages in the glass doors as well. No dripping from the bottom of the curtain as you take a shower, no constantly damp curtain layers that need to be separated out each morning to dry and air out. And best of all is the easy cleaning afforded by the glass doors.

However as the fans of fabric shower curtains will also tell you, glass doors have their downsides as well. The biggest being that if you let the cleaning of the doors go for even one week, stains will begin to form along the sides where they?re fixed to the wall, some of which prove to have a stronger will than you do. And without a good regular wipe-down of the doors your otherwise nice clean bathroom will begin to look grungy.

The reason though why fabric shower curtains are an all time favorite of many people in the know, is for one reason and one reason only. This is also what leads these people to have a contented smile on their faces even after they?ve just spent the last half hour cleaning their bathroom. Fabric shower curtains are disposable.

Yes, that?s the one whopping big reason why fabric shower curtains continue to be a firm favorite of a lot of people. Have you ever tried replacing your glass doors on a regular basis? It just won?t happen and it?s doubtful if it will ever happen within a span of five years. Unless that is you take a very large sledgehammer to it ?by accident?.

So now you know the reason behind that mysterious smile and why fabric shower curtains never really went out of fashion. Convenience, convenience and more convenience. So if you?re thinking of changing from your glass shower doors to the more convenient fabric shower curtains don?t be put off by the initial job that awaits you. Once you remove those doors, your life is bound to become simpler, and if it?s not, just exchange one set of curtains for another. If nothing else it?ll make you feel more cheerful!

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The Soapstone Fireplace

Soapstone is a type of ?metamorphic? or ?fire? rock that forms as a result of intense heat and pressure deep beneath the Earth?s crust over the course of millions of years. Given its fiery genesis, it seems appropriate that there should be such a thing as a soapstone fireplace.

Soapstone was a common construction material in early American homes; many a soapstone fireplace has been in use on a daily basis for two and even three centuries. Despite its relative softness, soapstone is a highly durable substance that is both heat and stain resistant.

American soapstone comes primarily from quarries located in New England, which geologically is far more ancient than the rest of the continent. The North American Craton, of which the Northeastern United States are a part, is a massive, solid piece of bedrock that has existed for well over a billion years; it is beneath this surface that the material from which a soapstone fireplace is constructed was formed. Back then, the mountains ancestral to the Adirondacks and Appalachian were as geologically active and volcanic as the Pacific Northwest?s youthful Cascade Range is today. Those same geologic forces produced the combination of talc, magnesium and dolomite that geologists refer to as steatite, more commonly called soapstone.

The material that goes into the making of a soapstone fireplace is called a schist by geologists; this refers to rocks that have a definite grain similar to wood, and includes marble and shale as well as soapstone. Soapstone differs from marble however in its inert properties. Whereas marble can become stained and/or discolored if it comes in contact with other substances, soapstone is virtually impervious to such deep, penetrating stains. Cleaning is as simple as wiping or light sanding with fine sandpaper or steel wool. A soapstone fireplace will develop a rich patina over the years unless treated with mineral oil sealers; however, many who have a soapstone fireplace leave well enough alone, finding that such a patina adds to the aesthetic value.

Soapstone is heat resistant, but also a very efficient heat conductor and radiator as well. One can burn any number of fuels in a soapstone fireplace, and the material will absorb and continue to radiate heat long after the fuel as been consumed.

One of the best qualities of soapstone is its versatility. It is a material that is both traditional and contemporary; its good looks blends in with any period or style of d?cor from Mediterranean to Victorian to contemporary ? and everything in between.

A soapstone fireplace is a tremendous value. Though the initial cost may be higher than for other materials, it is an investment that will provide an excellent return in terms of aesthetic value and durability.

Cheap Decorating Tips: Learn To Do This The Easy Way!

Scared of the budget which is going to burn your pocket while decorating your beautiful house? Don?t worry. There are some easy, cheap decorating tips and guidelines which will not bite your pocket.

Everyone loves to have a house which looks attractive. Some of them would want to redecorate their house entirely to make it look new or you have moved in to a new house which requires decoration.

The first and foremost thought that has to be born in mind is the appearance or the style you want your house to have. There are different sources to look out for idea regarding decorating. There are different magazines available in the market with information, on how to decorate your house with cheap decorating tips. Another good source of information is of course the internet. There are bountiful numbers of websites which can help you with the ideas. We can decide with the budget once you chart out what is required for the interior, the color, the design or the quality.

Before shopping for the necessities like furniture, paint, lamps, curtains, picture frames, candle holders or any type of artwork, it is always better to note down how many pieces are required and the places they have to be placed. Making these prior decisions really curtails your expenses. To purchase the best products within the budget, you can always get some reviews online, which are very helpful. We also get good quality long-lasting paints at a low cost. Painting your wall is the easiest and cost effective decorating technique.

There are lots of furniture available at an affordable cost. The presence of furniture having multiple uses according to the convenience is in the demand and they offer a stylish and trendy look. A lot can be done with the scrap which is available in the backyard. The waste can be transformed to beautiful looking art pieces getting a little help from any website on home improvement. The joy of doing things on your own cannot be expressed. A little bit of creativity on your part, can beget wonders in decorating your house within your budget. A lot of planning and itemizing of works should be done to fit everything within the budget.

The items which are sold at a yard sale, is another idea of decorating your house in a cheap way. Sometimes it happens that the pieces bought from this kind of sale will fit the purpose very well and can be the most compelling. Picture frames or any items bought at a yard sale can be re polished and can be changed into a new piece. There are plenty of Cheap decorating tips available and once they are implemented in the correct manner, it is a sure way of saving some money.

The choice is entirely yours when planning to decorate your house. You can make wonders with that little brain of yours, which has got thousands of ideas in it.

Amish Baby High Chairs: The Next Family Heirloom

From generation to generation, families from all over hand down quality, heirloom furniture.? From bedroom suites to dining tables and more, any piece of furniture can become an heirloom.? Now, the next family heirloom in your family can be one of the gorgeous Amish baby high chairs that are available.?

Finding baby furniture today that is made to last through more than child is extremely difficult.? Typically, by the time the baby outgrows that certain piece of furniture, there�s nothing left or if there is, it�s not safe enough for the next; however, Amish craftsmen have constructed one particular piece of baby furniture that will last for generations to come and that is their Amish baby high chairs.

Constructed from wood, these high chairs are made to last.? They are designed and constructed to take the abuse that any toddler can give it.? These Amish baby high chairs will last through your first child, the second, and how many more little ones you plan to have.? Let�s not forget that with the proper storage, these chairs will still be around when your babies begin to have babies.?? So, now you can see how these quality high chairs will become your next family heirloom.

Don�t go to your local chain store and purchase a plastic high chair that won�t stand up to the test of time, not to mention how �ugly� they look in your home because they are definitely not designed to match any of your other d?cor.? Instead, choose from one of the Amish high chairs that are designed to last, that are designed to match the rest of the d?cor in your home, and more.? Plus, you have the option of choosing the species of wood that it is made from and the finishing technique that is used on it, making this family heirloom as unique as the baby who will be using it.

Kitchen Designer Brooklyn ? Have A Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are great way to add a touch of style to your home. It doesn?t only make the d?cor of your kitchen elegant to look at but the space available is also utilized to its utmost. Compact designs, appliances, futuristic finishes and more storage are all combined to provide you with a kitchen designer Brooklyn.

Pull down racks, wall ovens, cutlery holders, warming drawers and wall-mounted cups and many such ideas are all incorporated to maximize the functionality and design of the kitchen. Kitchen usually has many small things that make it look a complete mess. However, installing designer cabinets can be a great idea to keep everything organized and clutter-free. You may choose from see-through cabinets that have a glass door or simple wooden finish cabinets. When deciding for the area of your cabinet, make sue to take the right measurements.

Minimalism idea of interior decoration is the best especially when it comes to kitchen d?cor. This means that only the things that are necessary should be kept in the kitchen. A simple and clutter-free look adds onto the contemporary design of your kitchen designer Brooklyn. The colors that are used for cabinets and appliances or wall paints should also be subdued.

Subdued shades of metallic, brown or yellow can be used. This may be paired with any of the bright colors like electric blue or red. Also, it is important to note that it is always better to use light colors if the size of your kitchen is small. Pastel colors may also be used to make the kitchen appear spacious.

Lightning is another important consideration that should be taken into account. Directional hanging lights placed inside the metal cone is a good option for lightning in the kitchen. However, one must note that the lights inside the kitchen should never be compromised to enhance the aspect of style in it as the lack of sufficient light in kitchen can lead to serious mishaps.

The next essential thing is the flooring. Subtly designed linoleum and ceramic tiles are very affordable solution for your modular kitchen. Concrete floors that have linear designs and granite add onto the choice, though they may be a little expensive. Not to forget, if you have a small kitchen, you may create space in it by removing the barriers in it that separates different sections.

Once your kitchen d?cor is all set, you can then place your multiprocessor and microwaves to give it a complete look. So, if you are also interested in remodeling your kitchen entirely and cook in a stylish way, you can approach various kitchen designer Brooklyn companies over the Internet.

You may brief them about your preferences and budget and they will undertake the task of designing your kitchen soon. You may even suggest your ideas to the professionals for changing the look of your kitchen completely. Now, do not delay anymore and start clicking. Think how great it would be to work in a clutter-free and organized contemporary kitchen? It will truly be a haven of your home.

Wow, That House Looks Great! …really?

Quite frankly, there are few homes that really have a wow factor. You might be surprised to learn that larger homes, such as “McMansions” or “Mega Millions Estates” don’t always feature the best designs. Great design also exists in average and small size homes and apartments. Let me explain.

What makes great design is what I call “complete design,” which is comprised of good function, correct interior design for the style of the home, and proper scale/dimension of furnishings.

If you watch “MTV Cribs,” you’ve probably thought, “Oh, how ghastly! Why did they do that to that poor English chandelier in the master bedroom looks hideous!” You recognize when something doesn’t look right.

But getting it right takes energy, experience and a good understanding of how to achieve “complete design.” Alas, that is the hard part.

I recently saw an “MTV Cribs” episode that featured a 9000 square foot home with a Georgian facade that had a little mix of Tudor thrown in for good measure and wonderful full landscaping that looked just right for the home.

But when the front door was opened to this larger fairy tale ended.

The interior had furnishings that were not only too modern but bad modern as well. Ladies, you don’t wear an evening dress for an elegant evening out and then throw on a pair of sneakers! It just doesn’t work. It’s the same with interior design. A house tells a story from the moment you see it. Large lacquer wall units, with modern area rugs and ?shiny? wouldn’t win this house any design awards.

“Complete design” is when you do everything correctly. It means that you complete a story from start to finish with a good understanding of your surroundings. If you like modern, then make sure that the architecture of the home and your furnishings reflect your taste. It’s not an easy process, but it’s worth spending the time and energy to get it right.

How To Select A Carpet

Carpets are sold in lots of unique textures and pigments. Once you make up your mind to buy your floor covering, you ought to try to acquire the best quality carpet you are able to get for the money. If you are on a really strict spending budget, you should try not to pinch pennies on your carpet or your carpet pad, as top quality products usually look good longer, hold up a lot better, and actually save you quite a bit of money overall.

Virtually all of today’s carpeting is made with man made components. The longest lasting type of synthetic material is nylon, and is used most frequently. Although nylon will never wear out to threads, it can lose color and acquire a less attractive overall look with use. Buying the correct padding for your carpeting, and having the carpet cared for with a stain repellent chemical will make it last the longest.

Once you pick out a new carpet, you will need to be acquainted with how you can tell if the carpet is of fine quality. One easy way to check is by looking at the density in the carpet. This would mean the thickness and closeness of the carpet fibers, or each individual strand of fiber.

The nearer the individual fibers are to the next, the better the general quality will be. You should push your fingers into the fibers, or bend it to see if it is easy to feel or see the mesh. The less you feel or see, the greater the quality manufacturing of the carpeting. Another element of good quality carpet will be the twist quantity, or the number of twists in a 1″ piece of fiber. The larger number of twists you see, the better the carpet is.

The density of the fibers will result in how the carpeting will hold up, while the cut of the pile will control how the carpet looks. The plush cut carpet looks like a uniform field with perfect color and is wonderful for a formal setting.

Saxony cut carpet has a cut loop pile. The carpeting is woven in loops, and next the loops are trimmed off, making a carpet with a tufted, even surface. Saxony carpeting is generally woven very densely, and has a extremely soft, lush feel to it. It offers a great everyday look. Frieze has a quite lumpy twisted pile, with a much less formal look, although it will hold up to heavy use for many years.

Once you decide to purchase carpeting, you shouldn’t dismiss the carpet pad. Together with shopping for the finest quality of carpeting you are able to afford, make sure you also invest in the best quality of padding as well. Quality padding will reduce sound, and also serve like cushioning, and it is quite vital. It is nearly as critical as the carpeting itself.

Take your time and know exactly what to look for, and you will not have any difficulties when picking out your new carpet. For getting the best value, good quality and longevity are the keys to deciding on great carpet and pad. It is why you do not want to rush this process.

Stylish Trends And Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen And Bath

Adding some style to a kitchen or bath can be as effortless as swapping the cabinet knobs or as complex as gutting the whole room and starting from scratch.

Millions of Americans are starting renovation projects, and while there is no shortage of ways to dress up a bathroom or kitchen, sometimes even the best interior designers could use a few tips. This summer, try some of these simple suggestions from real do-it-yourselfers, and jazz up your kitchen and bath in no time. For more tips, be sure to visit .

* One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make over a bathroom or kitchen is to install new faucets. With nearly limitless metal, finish, style and function options available, a room can be transformed in only minutes with the simple change of a faucet.

* When making an update to a bathroom or kitchen, think about coordination. For example, try matching a new bathroom accessory like a bamboo floor mat with other warm, textured accessories like rattan chairs and baskets for towels and bath items to continue a room�s theme.

* Good style doesn�t have to come at the expense of premium space. Be stylish and increase shelf space at the same time by using chic, multi-tiered glass shelves or double towel racks. Wall mounts, which can include vases, candleholders and mirrors, are another multi-functional option.

* There�s no need for expensive art to decorate the walls. Try framing memorable items collected through the years like children�s art or menus from restaurants visited on vacations.

* Wine racks are good for more than just storing old Merlot. For an excellent and chic way to accessorize the bathroom, find a rack made to hold 8 to 10 bottles, spray paint it your favorite color and fill it with rolled hand towels and washcloths.

* Turn a boring, plain bathroom mirror into a work of art by adding picture-frame molding to the mirror�s edges. Or for an even more affordable variation, use moldings from the craft store and paint, stain or decorate it with buttons, ribbons, shells, flowers, crayons or pretty much anything you like.

What are your style ideas?

This summer, Moen continues the Show Us Your Style sweepstakes � a chance for you to share your own style advice and pictures. Be one of the many DIYers everywhere sharing their kitchen or bath remodeling story for a chance to win bi-weekly prizes of $500 or the $10,000 grand prize.

Find Enriched Designer Tiles and Install Mosaics for Your Home in Australia

A luxury home equipped with designer tiles can simply be the final wish one could ever have, home is your personal space where we can add all the things that we like or wish to have benefits of. However, when it comes to interior designing, everyone has their own choice and preference for mosaics, designer tiles, stone & tiles, etc. Designing your home is among the lifelong experiences, we remember throughout the life. Be it furniture, wall paint, bath wares or anything that add beauty to your home and enhance the luxurious feel, your choice do matter. Therefore finding a set of perfect designer tiles is time taking for your home, an outlet that understand your luxurious needs of your home.

Either you are renovating your old home or purchasing a new one, certainly there are few things that keep coming in your mind, most importantly the flooring and patterns of glass tiles. Beautiful furnished floors, semi precious stone and translucent panels are enough to change the entire ambiance of the place. It’s recommended to look for durable yet fashionable home accessories, bathtubs of unique color and style are available in the markets, you can choose according to your choice. Most of the home-makers suggest the use of designer bath wares, as it simply adds elegance and increase beauty of your luxury bathroom.

Designer mosaics can be installed to have a great look and feel, the installation is very easy but still it is always useful to kale the expert advice. Mosaic installation is very simple as all you need is to lay the panels next to each other so they inter-lock, creating a totally seamless and hand-crafted mosaics appearance. As mentioned earlier installation is quite easy, however, it is advised to keep the above advice just as you are ready to begin with installation.

People are becoming very particular about the designs and patterns they make use at their house, having the finest form of stone that can be used and even finding a particular color is now become easier as we have internet to search out the magnificence home-wares and bath-wares for the interior or outer design home. Designer tiles vary from a range of different textures, styles and colors that can finish off your home nicely. Tiles today are so varied that they can potentially compliment any room design, be it as ambitious as you like. Getting the elegant glass tiles of unique textures is not tough once you find the showroom over the internet, you can personally visit it. It’s best to consider the references from friends to find the showroom in Australia where you find all types or styles of tiles for your home.

Choosing Window Blinds Or Vertical Blinds In Tall Buildings

Vertical blinds are at home in tall buildings, apartment buildings, older homes, and designer homes. These window blinds are best for windows that are wider than tall, but they also are a good fit for windows that are very tall. Vertical blinds also can add height to a window space.

Wide windows are difficult to dress with regular roller shades because when you get beyond a certain width, about 72 inches, you need to add a seam, support, or multiple shades to cover the width and avoid sagging. By using vertical blinds on those same wide windows, any sagging problem is eliminated, and the window will have added height from the window blinds extending above the window frame. Vertical blinds on windows are drawn to one side, and if mounted outside the frame, they allow full window visibility, and allow a complete view out the entire window. They are best for window walls, allowing the opening to be used.

Tall windows can be difficult to put regular window blinds in, because of the height and amount of slats that would be rolled up or down. Much better and easier to use are the vertical blinds. These blinds can add some width to the window frame if mounted outside, and the blind vanes would be drawn to one side. Vertical blinds provide the best privacy and light control on large or tall windows also.

In tall buildings, many architectural styles use huge windows, even walls that are glass. Vertical blinds are really the only proper solution when selecting window blinds, and with their straight lines add more features to what could be plain architecture. One problem may be the length of vanes, and there can be some side buckling on extra long vanes when lightweight materials are used, like vinyl. This can be overcome by using heavier materials, and fabric coverings. For extra long situations, fabric covered vertical blinds are best because they have more give and would not buckle.

Any time you have extra wide, or extra long vertical blinds, you are dealing with more size and more weight. Motorization is an answer to those potential problems. Mechanisms work easily and they operate smoothly. All motorization and pull systems and hanging parts are hidden behind a matching top head rail valance. With non-motorized vertical blinds, the operation of opening and closing and adjustments is done with a small wand hung to one side of the head rail.

Window blinds are wonderful for controlling light. By adjusting the angle of the vanes, you can allow full daylight into the room, close it off completely, or stop somewhere in between. You can bounce the lighting off nearby walls for a little multiplication of light in the room. For privacy, many of the adjustments provide plenty of privacy, and you do not have to have the blinds totally closed. Vertical blinds work better with side opening windows, and heavier blinds are less likely to blow around in the wind.

For darkening a room, the vertical blinds are good because they allow less light in between slats, or vanes, and it does not reflect off ceilings or floor coverings. This type of blind is good for room darkening, and will help insulate a room. If you have fabric covered blinds, they are the best at insulating, and wood blinds are also very dense and provide similar insulation effects when closed.

Vertical blinds are easy to clean, and do not collect dust like horizontal blinds would catch. Used in tall buildings, they take less time to keep dust free and clean. Overall, vertical blinds are at home in tall buildings, and anywhere window size or dimensions might be an issue.